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Community Drastic Restructure Proposal

Status: Under Advisement

Stage 1: Rediscover Our Roots          May experience some turbulence

In order to reverse the transition back towards community style gaming, DBD needs a massive overhaul. A rehash of the current ranking structure to steer away from the military and corporate feel, to something more inviting. New name, colors, symbol, motto, and such has been discussed. While drastic and not required, may be welcome overall. Suggesting to condense down to 2 Silver Tags. Message the members to warn of big incoming changes and we will keep them updated. Place any squads and pro teams on hold, They can still game together of course... just no need to have them searching for opponents and such during reform. In addition, regular game nights from leadership to keep activity up during reform.

During this time of difficult transition, responsibility should rest only on the founders. The Council has died out and the 1 left does nothing anyways. *cough* Snowy *cough*. I am willing to assist in this trasition to see DBD return to glory.

Rank Structure suggestions
rank 1- Initiate            50xp to rank up
rank 2- Apprentice       100xp to rank up
rank 3- Member           250xp to rank up
rank 4- Veteran            500xp to rank up
rank 5- Champion        highest rank for causal members
rank 6- Intern             (5) assist the council
rank 7- Council          (5) different jobs, attend meetings, maintain community
rank 8- Founder         (3) oversee the council, steps in when needed, tie breaker in votes, ect.

ways to gain xp. name change= 50xp, attend event= 5xp, host or win event= 10 xp, bring new person to community (and have them stay)= 5xp, recite motto, rank structure, code of conduct, ect.= 15xp.
other various deeds and activities may be rewarded with xp if council decides so.

Initiate and apprentice are mostly your newbie ranks. Members may start to bring new people into our community under guidance of Intern or higher. Veterans can host events if desired under guidance of leadership. champions can assemble a team or squad under guidance of leadership.

Leadership consists of the founders, council, and interns. 5 council, 5 jobs. communications, media, recruitment, records, and events. Communications ensure that all messages are sent in timely matter (doesn't have to send all messages himself/herself, but must keep an eye on it.) and will also act as human resources for community drama. Media will keep website up to date, and maintain any videos, screenshots, and so on for site or youtube and beyond. Recruitment will be sure new members are added properly and teach others on how to add new members. Records will keep important notes from meetings and record activity, xp, and events. Event specialist will ensure events run smoothly and teach others to run events.

Each councilor will have their job of expertise, but can still help or receive help from other councilors.

each counsilor will have an Intern to assist them with their duties.

recommendation for new, friendly, inviting colors and symbol is suggested. Perhaps silver and crimson, or gold and blue. Also, try to steer away from the skull icon, skull represents death, and competive, and so forth.

A new name is less attractive but could benefit. something that is unique and original, with a bold yet welcoming meaning. my top suggestion is BHF -BrotherHood Forever-. suggestions open. once again, name change not manditory.

These changes are indeed drastic, and some members may leave, but we need to aim back towards quality over quantity. And growth should not require sacrifice of our ideals.

Stage 2: Path to the Future    Balancing out

During this time everyone will be adjusting to the changes. Activity from the leadership with the members during this time is very important. It is during this time when canidates for the new council will be considered. These people should be considered for dedication, trust, activities, morals, and more.
The leadership should, while diverse, be unified in the core ideals of DBD as a community.

Stage 3: The Future and Beyond        Smooth Flying Towards Success     

At this point the Council should be re-established. This may take a while until quality trusted members are found with the potential for this role.

 Now the community should be well adjusted and become self sufficient. Members will help because of desire, not for requirements or power. They may be times when more work will fall on the leadership, but this wont me always. Quality members will start to appear, and many former members will be likely to return. A long and difficult process finally comes to a close!

Guild News    

Halo 4 Pre-Release Event

-X-, Oct 4, 12 4:53 PM.
All month long, a tournament will be going on with a grand prize: a copy of Halo 4! Part 1 is an all out forge off with no limitations. make your best map and have it in your file share before midnight on Oct.12. Map cant have been started before Oct. 1. Next is a mass Halo Quiz Bowl that spans knowledge of all Halo games, books, videos, or whatever on Oct.19! and finally we have a 2 week reach tourney in which the details and rules will be hidden until time for the match! Also, if you have already bought or plan to buy Halo 4, u can rather gift the game to a more unfortunate member, or have it converted into microsoft points to use how you wish!. Good luck and see ya there!


The New Site is Live!

-X-, Sep 10, 12 12:21 PM.
Welcome home, DBD! Our new site is now up and running and has many features for us to better organize and bond as a community. Some sections may still be under construction, so be patient as Quazar and myself complete the site this week. We encourage you to sign up and explore what we have done so far though! Please use your gamertag when applying to the site, that's what we know you by... not Jessie Torres, or whatever the hell your name is. Lets just keep things simple. And if you have any idea, suggestions, and such; lets us know in the forums! We love to hear what our members think, member activity and contribution is what makes this community GREAT!
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